6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 Siemens CPU 224 CN

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Brand: Siemens
Part No: 6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8

  • SIMATIC S7-200 CN
  • 14 DI 24VDC 15-30V
  • 10 DO 24VDC 21-28V
  • 0.75A/channel source

Origin: China
Condition: Used
Warranty: Three months.

6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 MANUAL
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৳ 18,000.00

6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 Siemens DI 14 DO 10

Siemens CPU 224 CN DC/DC/DC:

6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 is a digital input/output module produced by Siemens, and it belongs to the Simatic S7-200 series. This module has 14 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs, and it operates at 24V DC voltage. It also has a compact design, making it suitable for use in small and medium-sized automation systems.

CPU 224 CN is also a component of the Simatic S7-200 series by Siemens. This is a programmable logic controller (PLC) that is responsible for controlling the operation of the automation system. The CPU 224 CN has a compact design and supports a range of communication protocols, making it suitable for use in various automation applications.

Together, the 6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 digital input/output module and the CPU 224 CN provide a reliable and efficient solution for controlling an automation system. The digital inputs and outputs allow the system to interact with external devices, while the CPU 224 CN provides the necessary processing power to execute the control program.

Get your Siemens CPU 224 repaired:

Repairing a CPU 224 CN can be a complex process, and it is generally recommended to have it done by a professional with experience in repairing programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Here are some of the steps that may be involved in repairing a CPU 224 CN:

  1. Diagnosis: The first step in repairing a CPU 224 CN is to diagnose the problem. This may involve testing the module to identify any faults or malfunctions.
  2. Replacement of faulty components: Once the problem has been identified, the faulty components need to be replaced. This may involve replacing individual components or replacing the entire module.
  3. Cleaning and inspection: After the faulty components have been replaced, the module needs to be cleaned and inspected. This ensures that there are no other issues that may cause problems in the future.
  4. Testing: Once the repair work is complete, the CPU 224 CN needs to be tested to ensure that it is functioning correctly. This may involve running diagnostic tests, as well as testing the module with a real-world application.

Overall, repairing a CPU 224 CN requires a high level of technical expertise and experience. It is recommended to have the repair work done by a professional who specializes in repairing PLCs to ensure that the module is restored to its optimal performance level.


6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 Specification:

Supply voltage:

Load voltage L+

  • Rated value (DC) 24 V
  • permissible range, lower limit (DC) 20.4 V
  • permissible range, upper limit (DC) 28.8 V

Input current: From supply voltage L+,max 700mA.

Digital inputs: Number of digital inputs 14.

Input voltage

  • Type of input voltage DC
  • Rated value (DC) 24 V
  • For signal “0” 0 to 5 V
  • For signal “1” min. 15 V

Input current: For signal “1”, typ. 4 mA.

Output voltage:

  • for signal “0”, max. 0.1 V
  • for signal “1”, min. 20 V

Output current: for signal “1” rated value 750 mA.

Encoder: Connectable encoders

  • 2-wire sensor Yes
  • permissible quiescent current (2-wire
    sensor), max.

The Siemens S7-200 PLC is a popular programmable logic controller used in industrial control and automation applications. One of the key components of this system is the CPU, which is responsible for executing the control program and communicating with input/output modules.

The 6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 is a specific part number for a CPU module in the S7-200 family. This module is designed for compact applications and is equipped with 14 digital inputs, 10 digital outputs, and 2 analog inputs. It also supports multiple communication protocols, including Profinet, Modbus, RS485, and Ethernet.

In addition to the CPU module, the S7-200 system also includes a range of digital and analog input/output modules. These modules allow the PLC to interface with sensors, actuators, and other devices in the control system. They can be easily added or removed as needed to customize the system for a particular application.

To interact with the S7-200 system, a human machine interface (HMI) is often used. This can take the form of a dedicated operator panel or a software application running on a PC or mobile device. The HMI provides an intuitive interface for monitoring and controlling the system, and can also provide access to diagnostic and troubleshooting tools.

Programming the S7-200 system is typically done using ladder logic programming, a graphical language that represents control logic as a series of rungs on a virtual ladder. This allows engineers and technicians to easily understand and modify the control program as needed.

Of course, as with any complex system, there will inevitably be issues that arise over time. PLC troubleshooting and maintenance are important aspects of keeping the S7-200 system running smoothly. This may involve diagnosing and repairing faulty hardware, updating firmware or software, or optimizing system performance.

Overall, the Siemens S7-200 PLC with the 6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 CPU and associated input/output modules, communication protocols, and HMI tools provides a powerful and flexible platform for industrial control and automation applications. With proper programming, troubleshooting, and maintenance, it can help increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve overall productivity.

6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 MANUAL
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