6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 Siemens CPU 224 CN

Brand: Siemens
Part No: 6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8

  • SIMATIC S7-200 CN
  • 14 DI 24VDC 15-30V
  • 10 DO 24VDC 21-28V
  • 0.75A/channel source

Origin: China
Condition: New
Warranty: Three months.

6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 MANUAL
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৳ 18,000.00

6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 Siemens DI 14 DO 10

Siemens CPU 224 CN DC/DC/DC:

SIMATIC S7-200 CN, CPU 224 Compact unit, AC power supply 14 DI DC/10 DO relay, 8/12 KB progr./8 KB data, PROFIBUS DP expandable this S7-200 CN .

Only expansion modules of the S7-22x series can be used. Due to the limited output current, the use of expansion modules may be limited. It supports 28 inputs and 7 outputs (EM) modules. It also supports 94 inputs and 74 outputs (CPU + EM). 62AS-Interface A/B slaves (CP 243-2) can be used.

The S7-200 CPU combines a central processing unit (CPU), power supply, and discrete I/O points into a compact, stand-alone device. The CPU executes the program and stores the data for controlling the automation task or process. Additional I/O points can be added to the CPU with expansion modules up to the physical size limits.


The communications port allows you to connect the CPU to a programming device or to other devices. Status lights provide visual information about the CPU mode (RUN or STOP), the current state of the local I/O, and whether a system fault has been detected. Some CPUs provide a real-time clock as a built-in feature, while other CPUs require the real-time clock cartridge. A plug-in serial EEPROM cartridge provides a means to store CPU programs and transfer programs from one CPU to another. A plug-in battery cartridge provides extended retention of data memory in RAM


6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 Specification:

Supply voltage:

Load voltage L+

  • Rated value (DC) 24 V
  • permissible range, lower limit (DC) 20.4 V
  • permissible range, upper limit (DC) 28.8 V

Input current: From supply voltage L+,max 700mA.

Digital inputs: Number of digital inputs 14.

Input voltage

  • Type of input voltage DC
  • Rated value (DC) 24 V
  • For signal “0” 0 to 5 V
  • For signal “1” min. 15 V

Input current: For signal “1”, typ. 4 mA.

Output voltage:

  • for signal “0”, max. 0.1 V
  • for signal “1”, min. 20 V

Output current: for signal “1” rated value 750 mA.

Encoder: Connectable encoders

  • 2-wire sensor Yes
  • permissible quiescent current (2-wire
    sensor), max.

6ES7 214 1AD23 0XB8 MANUAL
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