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6es7 331 7kf02 0ab0 SM 331 Siemens


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Model: S7-300 SM331
Part No: 6ES7 331-7KF02-0AB0

Current/Voltage/RTD/Thermocouple Input Module, (8) Analog Current/Voltage Inputs or (4) Analog Thermocouple/RTD/Resistance Inputs; Voltage Input Ranges: +/-80mV, +/-250mV, +/-500mV, +/-1V, 1-5V, +/-2.5V, +/-5V, +/-10V; Current Input Ranges: +/-3.2mA, +/-10mA, +/-20mA, 0/4 to 20mA; TC Input Ranges: Type E, Type J, Type K, Type N; RTD/Resistance Input Ranges: Ni 100, Pt 100, 0-150 Ohm, 0-300 Ohm, 0-600 Ohm; Integration Time Parameterizable – 2.5/16.67/20/100 ms; 15-Bit Resolution (9/12/14-Bit + Sign), 20-Pin, Diagnostics, Optically Isolated

Condition: Used/refurbished
Origin:  Germany
Warranty: Three Months.

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6es7 331 7kf02 0ab0 SM 331 SIMATIC S7 300, ANALOG INPUT Module

Analog input module SM 331; AI 8 x 12 bit;(6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0) Properties:

6es7 331 7kf02 0ab0

  • 8 inputs in 4 channel groups
  • Programmable measurement type at each channel group – Voltage – Current – Resistance – Temperature
  • Programmable resolution at each channel group (9/12/14 bits + sign)
  • Any measuring range selection per channel group
  • Programmable diagnostics and diagnostic interrupt
  • And Programmable limit value monitoring for 2 channels
  • Also it has Programmable hardware interrupt when limit is exceeded
  • Electrically isolated to CPU and load voltage (not for 2-wire transducers) Resolution The measured value resolution is directly proportional to the selected integration time, that is, the measured value resolution increases in proportion to length of the integration time at the analog input channel. Diagnostics For information on diagnostics messages at the “group diagnostics” parameter, refer to chapter Diagnostic messages of analog input modules. Hardware interrupts Hardware interrupts for channel groups 0 and 1 can be programmed in STEP 7. However, set a hardware interrupt only for the first channel of a channel group, that is, either at channel 0, or at channel 2

Overview of the Parameters for SM 331:

  • AI 8 x 12 Bit Parameters Range of values Default Parameter type Scope Enable
  • Diagnostics interrupt
  • Process interrupt when limit exceeded yes/no yes/no no no dynamic Module Process interrupt trigger
  • High limit
  • Low limit May be restricted by the measuring range from 32511 to – 32512 from – 32512 to 32511 – dynamic Channel Diagnostics
  • Group diagnostics
  • with line continuity check yes/no yes/no no no static Channel group Measurement
  • Measurement type disabled Voltage V 4DMU current (4-wire transducer) 2DMU current (2-wire transducer) R-4L resistance (4-wire connection) RTD-4L thermoresistor (linear, 4-wire connection) TC-I thermocouple (internal comparison) TC-E thermocouple (external comparison) TC-IL thermocouple (internal comparison) TC-EL thermocouple (linear, external comparison) V
  • Measuring range See the table Measurement types and ranges ± 10 V
  • Noise suppression 400 Hz; 60 Hz; 50 Hz; 10 Hz 50 Hz dynamic Channel or channel group

Additional Information 6es7 331-7kf02-0ab0 Siemens:

  • AI 8 x 12 Bit Unused channels As certain programmed inputs may remain unused due to the channel group configuration, make allowances for the special features of these inputs outlined below in order to be able to use the diagnostics functions at these used channels.
  • Voltage measurement (except 1 V to 5V) and for thermocouples: Short-circuit unused channels and connect these with MANA. This optimizes interference immunity of the analog input module. Set the “disabled” value at the “measurement type” parameter for unused channels. This setting reduces module cycle times. Also short-circuit the COMP input if this is not used.
  • Measuring range 1 V to 5 V: wire the used and unused inputs of the same channel group in parallel.
  • Current measurement, 2-wire transducer: There are two options of wiring the channel circuit. a) Open unused input; channel group diagnostics disabled. If you were to enable diagnostics, the analog module would trigger a single diagnostic interrupt, and light up its SF LED. b) Loading the unused input using a 1.5 kΩ to 3.3 kΩ resistor. This allows you to enable diagnostics for this channel group.
  • Current measurement 4 mA to 20 mA, 4-wire transducer: wire the unused inputs of the same channel group in series. All channels deactivated If you disable all input channels of the module and enable diagnostics at the parameters of SM 331; AI 8 x 12 Bit, the module does not report “external auxiliary voltage missing.” Line continuity check for the 4 mA to 20 mA measuring range If you configured a measuring range of 4 mA to 20 mA, and enabled the line continuity check, the analog input module logs a wire-break event to diagnostics data when the current drops below 3.6 mA.

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