6ES7131 6BH00 0BA0 DC digital input module

Brand: Siemens
ET 200SP
Part No.: 6ES7131 6BH00 0BA0
Origin: Germany
Condition: New but without packet
Warranty: One year

6ES7131 6BH00 0BA0 Manual
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6ES7131 6BH00 0BA0 Siemens DC digital input module for et 200sp

The 6ES7131 6BH00 0BA0 DC digital input module (Standard) – Siemens (SIMATIC ET 200SP) – DI 16 x 24 V DC ST – 16I/Os [16DI (16 x digital inputs (24Vdc / 11-30Vdc P-reading))] – Supply voltage 24Vdc – with LED indicator – Backplane / rack mounting – width 15mm – CC00 colour  ASM_OTHER_SIMATIC ET 200SP

6ES7131 6BH00 0BA0 Specifications

Product series / family name
Main function
I/O unit
Sub-range name
ET 200SP
Supply voltage (DC)
Supply voltage
(DC) 24 V
Compliant with standard(s)
Mounting mode
Backplane / rack
Digital inputs quantity
Digital inputs
16 x digital inputs (24Vdc / 11-30Vdc P-reading)

The module has the following technical properties:

● Digital input module with 16 inputs
● Sink input, (PNP, P-reading)
● Supply voltage L+
● Configurable input delay 0.05 to 20 ms (per channel)
● Configurable diagnostics (per module)
● Suitable for connection of switches and 2-wire sensors in accordance with IEC 61131, type 3 The module supports the following functions:
● Firmware update
● I&M identification data
● Configuration in RUN

Parameters for DI 16x24VDC ST

The effective range of the configurable parameters depends on the type of configuration. The following configurations are possible:
● Central operation with an ET 200SP CPU
● Distributed operation on PROFINET IO in an ET 200SP system
● Distributed operation on PROFIBUS DP in an ET 200SP system
When assigning parameters in the user program, use the “WRREC” instruction to transfer the parameters to the module using the data records; refer to section Parameter assignment and structure of parameter data record.

1 If you use a floating switch, you need to connect a resistor in parallel so that the wire break diagnostics is enabled in the open state (sensor resistance for the wire break diagnostics: 25 kΩ to 45 kΩ).
2 Due to the limited number of parameters with a maximum of 244 bytes per ET 200SP station for a PROFIBUS GSD configuration, the configuration options are restricted. If required, you can assign these parameters using data record 128 as described in the “GSD file PROFINET IO” column (see table above). The parameter length of the I/O module is 4 bytes.

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