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6ES7132 6BH00 0BA0 Digital output module

Brand: Siemens
ET 200SP
Part No.: 6ES7132 6BH00 0BA0
Digital output module, DQ 16x 24VDC/0.5A Standard.
Origin: Germany
Condition: Used/refurbished
Warranty: Three Months

6ES7132 6BH00 0BA0 Manual
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6ES7132 6BH00 0BA0 Digital output module for ET 200SP

Siemens 6ES7132 6BH00 0BA0 Simatic ET 200SP Digital Output Module DQ 16X24VDC/0 5A Standard Fits To BU-Type A0 Color Code CC00 Module Diagnosis.

The scalable SIMATIC ET 200SP I/O system characterized by a variable station configuration and an extremely compact design. However, Station set-up with compact modules and fixed wiring Wiring with push-in terminal. Small dimensions and highly versatile due to scalability (4, 8, or 16 channels per module). With PROFINET isochronous communication on the backplane bus and PROFIsafe and PROFIenergy profiles. Communication via IO-Link, AS-Interface, and PROFIBUS.

About  6ES7132 6BH00 0BA0:

  • Wiring is possible without tools due to the arrangement of the push-in terminals on the SIMATIC ET 200SP. Only a screwdriver is needed to disconnect conductors. With much smaller dimensions, the SIMATIC ET 200SP has conductor cross-sections from 0.14 mm² to 2.5 mm².
  • The station is quick to configure simply by joining modules. A module or terminal box can replace during operation without taking as well as the station out of use. Automatic mechanical coding on the Base Unit prevents modules being mixed up during configuration.
  • With the bus adapters (BA), SIMATIC ET 200SP allows free selection of the connection method to PROFINET. Choice of BA 2xRJ45 and BA 2xFC for the best possible availability in case of vibrations and high levels of electromagnetic interference.


  • SIMATIC ET 200SP is about 50% narrower than comparable distributed I/O systems. With a height of approx. 117 mm, the system provides space for 16 channels with a single-conductor connection (without AUX terminals). Due to its small depth of 75 mm, the SIMATIC ET 200SP always leaves sufficient space from the cabinet door and complies with standard bending radii even in cabinets that are only 80 mm deep.
  • To keep dimensions to a minimum, the power module for load group formation integrated into the system.
  • The innovative labeling system, which contains information about the module, wiring, and the channels, makes for maximum clarity in a very small space.

6ES7132 6BH00 0BA0 Manual
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