6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Analog Input Module

Brand: Siemens
ET 200SP
Part No.: 6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1
Origin: Germany
Condition: New but without packet
Warranty: One year

6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Manual
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6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Analog Input Module for ET 200SP

6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Description

Analogue input module 6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 (Standard) – Siemens (SIMATIC ET 200SP) – AI 4 x I 2/4-wire ST – 4I/Os [4AI (4 x analog inputs (0-20mA / -20…+20mA / 4-20mA) differential)] – Supply voltage 24Vdc – with LED indicator – Backplane / rack mounting – width 15mm – CC03 colour – Order code 6ES71346GD000BA1

The scalable SIMATIC ET 200SP I/O system is a highly flexible, modular I/O system with IP20 degree of protection. Via an interface module with PROFINET or PROFIBUS interface it can exchange IO data of the connected I/O modules with a higher-level control system. Alternatively, as further head-end stations, various PLC, F-PLC and Open Controllers are available as compact S7-1500 Controllers (Distributed Controller). ET 200SP components are available as SIPLUS version for extreme requirements and a high degree of robustness.SIMATIC ET 200SP is a multifunctional distributed I/O system for a wide range of applications. Thanks to its scalable design, you can gear the I/O station exactly to the on-site requirements. SIMATIC ET 200SP is constructed with IP 20 protection and designed for installation in a control cabinet. Depending on the selected header module (interface module, S7-1500, SP-CPU, or open controller) and parameter assignment, there are different limit values which restrict the maximum configuration of an ET 200SP station.

6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Features:

Configuration control: application-based adaptation of the actual configuration via user software (option handling)
Time-based IO: time stamping of the signals to the μs
MSI/MSO: Simultaneous access to I/O data from up to 4 PLCs
Oversampling: n-fold acquisition or output of digital and analog signals within a PN cycle
Adaptation of measuring range: increased resolution by adapting the measuring range to a limited section of a measuring range supported by the analog input module
Scaling of measured values: permits the transmission of the analog value normalized to the required physical value as a REAL value (32-bit floating point)
Communication standards: PROFINET IO, PROFIBUS DP V0/V1, ET connection for connecting the ET 200AL (IP67), IO-Link V1.1, AS-Interface
CPU: PROFINET connection with 3 ports, IO controller and PN IO device, Optional expansion as DP master/slave, Also as fail-safe version and Open Controller
Point-to-point (RS 232, RS 485, RS 422)
Modular configuration with up to 64 modules
System-integrated self-assembling load group supply without power module via light Base Units
Small size and highly flexible due to the modular design and comprehensive product range
Up to 16 channels per module
Permanent wiring
Hot swapping: Module replacement without tools in RUN
Operation with gaps
Push-in terminals for cross-sections up to 1.5 mm2 with wire end ferrule, and up 2.5 mm2 without wire end ferrule
Base Units for 1-wire or direct multi-wire connection
Optimum accessibility for wiring due to spring release and measuring tap next to the conductor opening
Flexible PROFINET connection via BusAdapter (RJ45, FastConnect, plastic or glass fiber-optic cables), also as integrated media converter
Easy integration of fail-safe modules
Easy F parameter assignment via software
Group-by-group disconnection of non-fail-safe modules
Isochronous PROFINET
Internal data transfer with up to 100 Mbps
Record analog values and output as of 50 μs
Record digital values and output as of 1 μs

Mode of operation: Via PROFINET or PROFIBUS, a central controller can access the distributed I/O modules of the ET 200SP in the same way as central I/O modules.
Communication is handled entirely by the PN controller or the master interface module (in the central controller) and in the IM 155-6. Interference-free internal data transfer using shielded cables.
Comprehensive, channel-specific and easy-to-program diagnostics with plain text messages permit the localization and correction of plant errors in the shortest possible time and significantly increase availability.
Configuration, parameterization and diagnostics: The ET 200SP is configured and assigned parameters via STEP 7 or the configuration tool of the controller used.

Siemens ET 200SP series Analog input module has 4 differential analog inputs with permissible input current rated up to 50-Milli – Amps to perform all your activity. This analog input module is voltage rated at 24-Volts DC with permissible upper and lower limit range of 28.8-Volts and 19.2-Volts respectively, ensuring reverse polarity protection. The module has 37-Milli-Amp of current consumption rate. This module allows for potential separation of channels with 2-Wire current input group and 4-Wire voltage input group. The analog input module helps in performing module diagnostics function and is compatible with BU-type A0 and A1 base units.
Extensive diagnostic information is available to the user, depending on the selected I/O module

Product series / family name SIMATIC
Main function I/O unit
Sub-range name ET 200SP
Supply voltage(DC) 24 V
Supply voltage (DC)24Vdc
Mounting mode Backplane / rack
Analog inputs quantity 4
Analog inputs 4 x analog inputs (0-20mA / -20…+20mA / 4-20mA) differential
Display type LED indicator
Functions Analogue input module (Standard)
Current measurement
Re-parameterization during operation

6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Manual
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