6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Analog Input Module

Brand: Siemens
ET 200SP
Part No.: 6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1

  • 16BIT

Origin: Germany
Condition: Used/refurbished
Warranty: Three months

6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Manual
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6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Analog Input Module for ET 200SP

6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Description

Analogue input module 6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 (Standard) – Siemens (SIMATIC ET 200SP) – AI 4 x I 2/4-wire ST – 4I/Os [4AI (4 x analog inputs (0-20mA / -20…+20mA / 4-20mA) differential)] – Supply voltage 24Vdc – with LED indicator – Backplane / rack mounting – width 15mm – CC03 colour – Order code 6ES71346GD000BA1
SIMATIC ET 200SP,AI 4XI 2-/4-WIRE ST.The scalable SIMATIC ET 200SP I/O system is a highly flexible, modular I/O system with IP20 degree of protection.

6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Features:

  • Configuration control: application-based adaptation of the actual configuration via user software (option handling)
  • Time-based IO: time stamping of the signals to the μs
  • MSI/MSO: Simultaneous access to I/O data from up to 4 PLCs
  • Oversampling: n-fold acquisition or output of digital and analog signals within a PN cycle
  • Adaptation of measuring range: increased resolution by adapting the measuring range to a limited section of a measuring range supported by the analog input module
  • Scaling of measured values: permits the transmission of the analog value normalized to the required physical value as a REAL value (32-bit floating point)
  • Communication standards: PROFINET IO, PROFIBUS DP V0/V1, ET connection for connecting the ET 200AL (IP67), IO-Link V1.1, AS-Interface
  • CPU: PROFINET connection with 3 ports, IO controller and PN IO device, Optional expansion as DP master/slave, Also as fail-safe version and Open Controller
  • Point-to-point (RS 232, RS 485, RS 422)
  • Modular configuration with up to 64 modules
  • System-integrated self-assembling load group supply without power module via light Base Units
  • Small size and highly flexible due to the modular design and comprehensive product range
  • Up to 16 channels per module
  • Permanent wiring
  • Hot swapping: Module replacement without tools in RUN
  • Operation with gaps
  • Push-in terminals for cross-sections up to 1.5 mm2 with wire end ferrule, and up 2.5 mm2 without wire end ferrule


Mode of operation: Via PROFINET or PROFIBUS, a central controller can access the distributed I/O modules of the ET 200SP in the same way as central I/O modules.
Communication is handled entirely by the PN controller or the master interface module (in the central controller) and in the IM 155-6. Interference-free internal data transfer using shielded cables.
Comprehensive, channel-specific and easy-to-program diagnostics with plain text messages permit the localization and correction of plant errors in the shortest possible time and significantly increase availability.
Configuration, parameterization and diagnostics: The ET 200SP is configured and assigned parameters via STEP 7 or the configuration tool of the controller used.

Siemens ET 200SP series Analog input module has 4 differential analog inputs with permissible input current rated up to 50-Milli – Amps to perform all your activity. This analog input module is voltage rated at 24-Volts DC with permissible upper and lower limit range of 28.8-Volts and 19.2-Volts respectively, ensuring reverse polarity protection. The module has 37-Milli-Amp of current consumption rate. This module allows for potential separation of channels with 2-Wire current input group and 4-Wire voltage input group. The analog input module helps in performing module diagnostics function and is compatible with BU-type A0 and A1 base units.
Extensive diagnostic information is available to the user, depending on the selected I/O module


  • Product series / family name SIMATIC
  • Main function I/O unit
  • Sub-range name ET 200SP
  • Supply voltage(DC) 24 V
  • Supply voltage (DC)24Vdc
  • Mounting mode Backplane / rack
  • Analog inputs quantity 4
  • Analog inputs 4 x analog inputs (0-20mA / -20…+20mA / 4-20mA) differential
  • Display type LED indicator
  • Functions Analogue input module (Standard)
  • CC03
  • Current measurement
  • Re-parameterization during operation

6ES7134 6GD00 0BA1 Manual
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