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Allen Bradley 1746 IB16 Input Module


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Brand: Allen Bradley
Model: SLC 500 || 1746 IB16

  • Module Type: Digital DC Input Module
  • I/O: 960 Maximum :10-30 Volts DC Sink
  • Inputs: 16
  • Backplane Current (5 Volts DC): 85 milliamps
  • Signal delay: 8 milliseconds
  • Off State Current: 1 milliamps
  • I/O Connection: 1746-HT and 1746-HCA
  • Chassis Module Slots: 30
  • Communication: DH-485
  • Backup Memory: EEPROM
  • Backplane Current (5 Volts DC): 350 milliamps
  • Backplane Current (24 Volts DC): 105 milliamps

Condition: Used
Origin: Singapore
Warranty: Three Months.

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1746 IB16 Allen Bradley

SLC 500 Digital DC Input Module

Product Details

16 Point Input Modules

Single common for all inputs
8ms response time off to on and on to off
10-30Vdc sink and source, and 85-132Vac input versions available
Pre-wired cable assembly (stock no. 458-6255) also available

The Allen-Bradley 1746-IB16 is a SLC 500 Digital DC Input Module. This Digital DC Input Module has a Voltage Range of 10-30 Volts DC Sink and 16 Inputs with a Backplane Current (5 Volts DC) of 85 milliamps

The Allen Bradley 1746-IB16 is a DC discrete input module with 16 channels and it belongs to the SLC-500 series. The 1746-IB16 draws a backplane current of 50mA at 5V and of 0mA at 24V. The module has a 0.2W thermal dissipation per point, a minimum thermal dissipation of 0.425W, and a maximum thermal dissipation of 3.60W. The 1746-IB16 has 16 I/O points per common.

The 1746-IB16 has an operating voltage of 10-30V DC sinking. It has a nominal input current of 8mA at 24V DC and a maximum off-state input current of 1mA. In addition, it has a signal ON maximum delay of 8ms and a signal OFF maximum delay of 8ms.

The 1746-IB16 is ideal for use with the 1746-SIM input simulator. The simulator is built for use on 16-channel 24V DC sinking and sourcing modules with removable terminal blocks. Pre-wired cables can be used with the 1746-IB16 input module. The pre-wired cables have a pre-wired RTB on one end.

The 1746-IB16 operates at its maximum function with a temperature of 0-60 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of between 5% and 95%.  It has a storage temperature of -40-85 degrees Celsius. The 1746-IB16 has a 30G shock rating when in operation. It also has the ability to accommodate a vibration of 2.5G when operating at a frequency of 57-200Hz.

The 1746-IB16 has an optical-electro isolation of 1500V to separate the control logic and the input terminals. It is intended for mounting in an open-type chassis. It complies with NEMA noise immunity standards and is rated for used in hazardous environments.


Part Number: 1746-IB16
Series: SLC 500
Module Type: Digital DC Input Module
Voltage Range: 10-30 Volts DC Sink
Inputs: 16
Backplane Current (5 Volts DC): 85 milliamps
Signal delay: 8 milliseconds
Off State Current: 1 milliamps
Applications: General Purpose DC Inputs
I/O Connection: 1746-HT and 1746-HCA
Step Response: 100 milliseconds in, 2.5 milliseconds out

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