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Baumer IFRM 18N1701/S14L Sensor


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Brand: Baumer
Model: IFRM 18N1701/S14L

  • Type: Proximity Sensor
  • Proximity switch inductive 8mm Sensing 10-50vdc

Condition: New
Origin: Switzerland
Baumer IFRM Manual
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Baumer IFRM 18N1701/S14L

The Baumer IFRM 18N1701/S14L inductive sensor detect any metal object, whether moving or stationary. Sensor operation is non-interacting. Due to their high reserve capacities they are impervious to material adhesion such as metal chips on the sensing face. The sensors are ideal for industrial use. They operate on non-contact sensing, are free from wear and capable of high switching frequencies at yet high switching accuracy. In addition, they are reliably protected against vibration, dust and moisture.


  • Type: Proximity Sensor
  • Proximity switch inductive 8mm Sensing 10-50vdc
  • Mounting type: quasi-flush
  • Nominal sensing distance Sn: 8 mm
  • Hysteresis: 3 … 20 % of Sr
  • Output indicator: LED red
  • Switching frequency: < 500 Hz
  • Voltage supply range +Vs: 10 … 30 VDC
  • Current consumption max. (no load): 10 mA
  • Output circuit: NPN break function (NC)
  • Voltage drop Vd: < 2 VDC
  • Output current: < 200 mA
  • Short circuit protection: yes
  • Reverse polarity protection: yes
  • Material (sensing face): PBT
  • Housing material: brass nickel plated
  • Dimension: 18 mm
  • Housing length: 45 mm
  • Connection types: connector M12
  • Tightening torque max.: 40 Nm
  • Operating temperature: -25 … +75 °C
  • Protection class: IP 67

Mounting of inductive sensors:

  • Mounting instructions for cylindrical forms: Shielded (flush), unshielded (non-flush), quasi shielded or opposite mounting
  • Maximum installation torque
  • Mounting instructions for housings without threads
  • Cable dimensions


  • Due to their reliability and efficiency, inductive proximity switches are used whenever a metal object has to be detected within just a few millimeters:
  • Presence detection of a machine component
  • Ultra precise referencing of the zero position of a moving machine component (e.g. in robotics)
  • Detection of different positions (e.g. limit switches)
  • Counting metal objects (e.g. in component feed or conveyor technology)
  • Presence detection of objects in process
  • Rotary speed measurement on metal gear wheel

Baumer IFRM Manual
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