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Beckhoff EL2809

Brand: Beckhoff
Model: EL2809

  • 16 Channel Digital Output Module
  • Current rating: 0.5A
  • Voltage rating: 24V dc
  • Breaking energy: < 150 mJ/channel

Condition: Used/refurbished
Origin: Germany
Warranty: Three months
Beckhoff EL2809 Manual
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Beckhoff EL2809 EtherCAT Terminal

The EL2809 digital output terminal connects the binary control signals from the automation device on to the actuators at the process level with electrical isolation. The EL 2809 protected against polarity reversal and processes load currents with outputs protected against overload and short-circuit. The EtherCAT Terminal contains 16 channels, whose signal states are displayed by LEDs. The terminal is particularly suitable for space-saving use in control cabinets. The connection technology is particularly suitable for single-ended inputs. All components have to use the same reference point as the EL2809. The power contacts looped through.

The outputs are fed via the 24 V power contact in the EL 2809. The conductors can connected without tools in the case of solid wires using a direct plug-in technique. The HD EtherCAT Terminals (High Density) with increased packing density feature 16 connection points in the housing of a 12 mm terminal block.


  • Connection technology: 1-wire
  • Number of inputs: 16
  • Nominal voltage: 24 V DC (-15 %/+20 %)
  • Load type: ohmic, inductive, lamp load
  • Max. output current: 0.5 A (short-circuit proof) per channel
  • Short-circuit current: typ. < 2A
  • Reverse voltage protection: yes
  • Breaking energy: < 150 mJ/channel
  • Switching times: typ. TON: 60 µs, typ. TOFF: 300 µs
  • Current consumption E-bus: typ. 140 mA
  • Electrical isolation: 500 V (E-bus/field potential)
  • Current consumption power contacts: typ. 35 mA + load
  • Bit width in the process image: 16 outputs
  • Configuration: no address or configuration setting
  • Conductor types: solid wire, stranded wire and ferrule

Beckhoff EL2809 Manual
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