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Co Trust CTS7 231 7PC32 RTD Measuring Module

Brand: Co Trust
Model: CTS7 231 7PC32

  • RTD measuring module
  • 2AI×RTD
  • 16Bit precision
  • Isolation/4AI×RTD
  • 16Bit precision,Isolation
  • Power Loss(dissipation): 1.7W

Condition: Used(One side broken)
Warranty: Three Months

CTS7 231 7PC32 Manual
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Co Trust CTS7 231 7PC32

Co Trust CTS7 231 7PC32 RTD Measuring Module,2AI×RTD,16Bit precision,Isolation/4AI×RTD,16Bit precision,Isolation.It also allows the CTS7-200 PLC to measure three different resistance ranges. You must use DIP switches to select RTD type, wiring configuration, temperature scale, and burnout direction. Both RTDs connect to a module must be of the same type.


Specification EM231, 2AI×RTD  EM231, 4AI×RTD
Physical Features
   Dimensions(W×H×D) 71.2×80×62mm 71.2×80×62mm
   Power Loss(dissipation) 1.7W 1.7W
Power Consumption
    From +5V(from I/O bus) 87mA
    From L+ 60 mA
    L+  voltage range,class 2 or DC sensor supply 20.4~28.8V DC
    LED indicator 24 VDC Power Supply  Good: ON = no fault,OFF = no power ;
SF: ON=module fault, Blink=input signal error, OFF=normal;
Analog Input Features
   Input type Module ground reference RTD
   Input range RTD type(select one per module):
Pt-100Ω,200Ω,500Ω,1000Ω(α=3850PPm,3920PPM,3850.55 PPM,3916PPM,3902PM)
   Number of analog input points 2 points 4 points
    Field to Logic

Field to 24V DC
24V DC to logic

500V AC
500V AC
500V AC
    Common mode input range
(input channel to input channel)
120V AC
    Common mode rejection >120dB@120V AC
Input resolution



15 bits plus sign

    Measuring principle Sigma-Delta
    Module update time for all channel 425ms 825ms
    Wire length to sensor, maximum 100 m
   Wire loop resistance 20Ω, 2.7KΩ for Cu maximum
   Suppression of interference 85dB@ 50Hz/60Hz/400Hz
   Data word format Resistance: -27648 to +27648
    Maximum sensor dissipation 1mW
   Input impedance ≥10MΩ
    Maximum input voltage 30 VDC (sensor), 5 VDC (source)
  Input filter attenuation -3dB@ 3.6kHz
  Basic error 0.1% FS(Voltage)
  Repeatability 0.05% FS
  24V DC supply voltage range 20.4 to 28.8 VDC


CTS7 231 7PC32 Manual
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