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CPU 226 CN


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Siemens S7-200CN CPU226CN 6ES7 216-2BD23-0XB8 6ES7216-2BD23-0XB8 PLC

Brand:  Siemens
Model:  CPU 226 CN |  6ES7 216 2bd23 0xb8

  • SIMATIC S7-200,
  • 16/24 KB CODE/10 KB DATA,

Condition: New
Warranty: Three months.

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CPU 226 CN Siemens PLC 6ES7 216 2bd23 0xb8

CPU 226 CN 6ES7 216 2BD23 0XB8 – Compact unit, AC power supply 24 DI DC/16 DO relay 16/24 KB progr./10 KB data, 2 PPI/user-programmable interface also this S7-200 CN product has CE approval. 

The S7-200 series of micro-programmable logic controllers (Micro PLCs) can control a wide variety of devices to support your automation needs. Also the S7-200 monitors inputs and changes outputs as controlled by the user program, which can include Boolean logic, counting, timing, complex math operations, and communications with other intelligent devices. The compact design, flexible configuration as well as powerful instruction set combine to make the S7-200 a perfect solution for controlling a wide variety of applications.

Specifications :

  • Physical size (mm) : 190 x 80 x 62
  • Program memory: 16384 bytes (with run mode edit)
  • 24576 bytes (without run mode edit)
  • Data memory: 10240 bytes
  • Memory backup: 100 hours typical
  • Local on-board I/ODigitalAnalog: 24 In/16 Out
  • Expansion modules: 7 modules1
  • High-speed countersSingle phaseTwo phase: 6 at 30 kHz / 4 at 20 kHz
  • Pulse outputs (DC): 2 at 20 kHz
  • Analog adjustments: 2
  • Real-time clock: Built-in
  • Communications ports: 2 RS-485
  • Floating-point math: Yes
  • Digital I/O image size: 256 (128 in, 128 out)
  • Boolean execution speed: 0.22 microseconds/instruction

CPU 226 CN 6ES7 216 2BD23 0XB8 – Available Expansions :

The S7-221 comes with 6 digital inputs as well as 4 digital outputs. Also these are not expandable.  The S7-222 comes with 8 digital inputs and 6 digital outputs. Even more the 222 will accept up to 2 expansion modules. The S7-224 comes with 14 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs. The 224 will accept up to 7 expansion modules. The S7-226 as well as S7-226XM comes with 24 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs. Also the 226 and 226XM will accept up to 7 expansion modules.

CPU 226 CN PDF Manual
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