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Danfoss VLT 2800 11kw


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Danfoss VLT2800 IP20 11kW 400V 3ph AC Inverter Drive

Brand: Danfoss
Model: VLT2880PT4B20STR0DBF00A00C1
Specification: VLT 2800 11kw Digital Keypad, 2 Analogue Inputs, 4 Digital Inputs, 1 Analogue Output, 1 Digital Output, 1 Relay Contact set, 2 Pulse Inputs, DC Bus +/- Terminals, Thermistor Input,

Condition: Used/refurbished
Origin: Denmark
Warranty: Three months.

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VLT 2800 11kw Danfoss Inverter

Danfoss VLT 2800 11kw :

Danfoss VLT2800 Series AC Inverter for 11kW (15HP) 400V 3 Phase Fan or Centrifugal Pump in VxF control to 24A. Converts fixed frequency three phase 400V input to variable frequency three phase 400V to control the speed of a standard AC Induction Motor.

Advanced and versatile, the VLT 2800 is an ideal general purpose AC drive. 195N1111 is a Three Phase, 24A, 11 kW inverter drive with a 380…480V AC supply. These modular frequency inverters consist of a power module and a control module and mountable side-by-side saving you installation space and money. For the low power market, the VLT 2800 family is perfect.A range of all-purpose, high specification variable speed drives suitable for Industrial Applications such as: Conveyors, Mixers, Cranes and Hoists. The drive has many specialist Industrial functions, both hardware and software, installed as standard. Accompanying the product is dedicated literature.

The VLT® 2800 series is among the smallest multi purpose drives in the market. Designed for space saving side-by-side mounting. Choose to have it with e.g. Motor Coils, RFI filter, LC+1B filters.
The VLT 2800 is an advanced and versatile drive, easy to operate.


The VLT 2800 family has a variety of additional features that are designed to optimise operation and protection of system components for typical applications.


On a textile winder the wobble function is used for the traverse function. {part num} operates a motor, which turns a grooved drum. During winding, the grooved drum places the thread in a diamond pattern in the correct position on the bobbin. When the traverse drum operates at a constant speed, the thread crosses at the same position for each pass, which results in loose and less compact winding on the bobbin.

Specification :

Dimensions : 200mm Wide x 214mm Deep x 505mm High. IP20.
Weight: 18.5kg.

Overload: 160% Full Load Torque x 60 seconds, 180% Full Load Torque x 0.5 seconds.
Output Frequency Range: 0-132Hz (Factory Setting)
Braking: None.

Digital Keypad, 2 Analogue Inputs, 4 Digital Inputs, 1 Analogue Output, 1 Digital Output, 1 Relay Contact set, 2 Pulse Inputs, DC Bus +/- Terminals, Thermistor Input,
Terminals for RS485 Communications. Profibus DP 3Mb .
Input Current: 24A
Input Voltage: 380-480V Three Phase ±10% at 50-60Hz ±5%
EMC Filter: None.

Cubicle mount.
Rated 45°C Ambient.
Ventilation space in front: [not specified], above and below: 100mm, at sides: 0mm.
Heat Loss at max output: 412W
Mounting via 4 x holes at rear on 120mm x 490mm centres.

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