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Danfoss VLT 2830 3.0kW

Brand: Danfoss
Model: 195N1061

  • Power rating: 3kW
  • Number of phase: 3
  • Supply voltage: 380…480V AC
  • Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz

Condition: Used/refurbished
Origin: Denmark
Warranty: Three months
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Danfoss VLT 2830 Inverter Drive

Danfoss VLT 2830 Overview: Advanced and versatile, the VLT 2800 is an ideal general purpose drive. 195N1061 is a Three Phase, 7A, 3 kW inverter drive with a 380…480V AC supply. These modular inverter drives consist of a power module and a control module and mountable side-by-side saving you installation space and money. For the low power market, the VLT 2800 range is ideal.

A number of safety features are included such as 100% earth fault protection and mains transient protection. Other safety features include galvanic isolation and both switching on input and output.


  • Power Rating: 3kW
  • Supply voltage: 380…480V AC
  • Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Displacement power factor: (cos φ) near unity (>0.98)
  • Switching on input supply: 1-2 time/min
  • Output voltage: 0-100% of supply voltage
  • Output frequency: 0-200 Hz (VVC+ mode), 0-400 Hz (U/f mode)
  • Switching on output: Unlimited
  • Ramp times: 1-3600 sec
  • Closed loop: 0-132 Hz
  • For start/stop, reset, thermistor, etc.: 2
  • Logic: PNP or NPN
  • Voltage level: 0-24 VDC
  • Number of pulse inputs: 2
  • Voltage level: 0-24 VDC (PNP positive logic)
  • Pulse input accuracy: (0.1-110 kHz)
  • Number of digital outputs: 1
  • Programmable analogue outputs: 1
  • Current range: 0/4 to 20 mA
  • Number of relay outputs: 1
  • Fieldbus communication: RS485
  • Ambient temperature: 50°C

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