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Complete Industrial Electronic Repair Solution. PLC, HMI Repair, HMI Touch Repair, Inverter Repair, Circuit Board Repair, Electronic Repair

Micro Automation BD is one of the Best Electronics Repair Center in Dhaka-Bangladesh. Our electronics lab is well equipped to service your industrial electronic repair needs! Since our technicians regularly repair PLC, Inverter, HMI, Industrial control as well as a variety of other industrial electronics equipment. we are able to offer quicker turnaround times without sacrificing quality.Our first priority is always to deliver quality service under a competitive price. Contact us if you would like to address your requirements.

Why Electronics Repair is worthy

Electronics repair is a process which means turning a faulty electronics device functional again. Electronic devices can be fixed investing a little amount of money considering the purchase price of that device. So it’s not always a wise decision to through away the device permanently. If you consider a good electronics repair center that will definitely give you a good economical feedback. The main benefits of repairing a faulty electronics device are saving money as well as reducing downtime. Contact with The Best Electronic Circuit Board Repair Service Center at Bangladesh.

Most High Tech PLC-Inverter Repair-Circuit Board Repair-HMI Touch Repair-HMI Repair Service Center at Bangladesh

We have extensive experience on repairing various types of complex industrial devices. On emergency our technicians will visit your site and try to fix it there. On the other hand you can send your faulty equipment to our lab. Then we will find the problem and discuss with you about costing and delivery time. If you need very fast delivery you have to notify us before and we will tell you the possible fastest delivery time.

Because our vision is to be the best Industrial Automation solution providing company in Bangladesh, we believe in quality and service. We have experienced Engineers and Technicians to provide you the best service as well as the support. Furthermore we want to give a cost effective option for out clients ensuring better productivity and service.

Our repairing service includes:

  • PLC repair
  • HMI repair
  • Inverter repair (Motor drive repair )
  • SMPS Repair(Power supply repair)
  • Other Electronic circuit board Repair
Inverter Repair Dhaka BD

About Our Repair Service

When your servo or variable speed drive fails, our inverter repair service can reinstate your process promptly. Furthermore Micro Automation BD offers a reliable and cost-effective professional repair for inverters to reinstate your device as swiftly as possible.

We have been repairing Inverters for over 7 years. We have highly skilled team of Engineers to diagnose the fault areas and repair or replace the faulty components of your Inverter, DC Drive, Stepper Drive or Servo Drive. These Drives are then tested to check the quality at our lab before being returned.

Micro Automation BD has a team of professional electronic engineers, who are experienced in inverter repaire of all types including:

  • PLC
  • HMI Repair
  • HMI Touch Repair
  • Inverter Repair
  • Power Supply Repair
  • Servo Drive Repair
  • DC Drives Repair
  • I/O cards Repair
  • Electronic Repair
  • Process control equipment
  • Circuit Board Repair
Electronic Circuit Board Repair Service Center at Bangladesh

Brands we deal with are Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen Breadly, ABB, KEB, Lenze, LS, Fuji, INVT, Delta, Yaskawa, Denfoss, Omron and many others.

We can fully test and evaluate your inverter to see if it is operating properly for fixed flat fee. Our test fees are always credited back should you decide to move forward with the repairs of your unit.

In order to provide an accurate repair estimate, we have you ship or drop off your inverter at our location which is Uttara Dhaka for bench testing. Most repairs require just one internal board replacement so the complete repair price will be less than 30% of the retail sale price of the inverter. Repairs that require replacement of more than one internal board will still be much less expensive than a new inverter. Often during our initial phone conversation we can help you decide if bench testing the inverter is the best next step, or if the inverter is beyond economical repair.We specialize in repairing High Power Inverters, including 12, 24, or 48 volt DC to 120-240 AC voltage models made by all manufacturers. You can save from 50% to 70% by having your power inverter repaired – and protect your valuable investment – with us.

24/7 Inverter Repair
Our inverter repairs service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with priority according to customers need. To find out more about our Inverter Repair service contact 01670070357. Or Bye Inverter / VFD from us.