Our Microcontroller Training Is Permanently Closed

Microcontroller training in Bangladesh

Microcontroller Training Course is very essential for EEE students. Furthermore for professionals who are related to electronics it is a Must also. Now you may thinking of what is microcontroller? Microcontroller Unit (MCU) is an integrated circuit (IC) which is used for small scale embedded system design. It’s a micro computer. It also has RAM, ROM and Other Peripherals etc. Among various brand of microcontroller Atmel and Microchip are most popular. Also it’s very efficient option for controlling small scale electrical or electro-mechanical systems.

Furthermore if you are an electronics hobbyist, learning microcontroller is must. Assume that you are thinking of making Robots or an Alarm Clock yourself then it will lead you to make your dream come true. Last of all if you are thinking of building your carrier in Embedded System, Learning Microcontroller is the main Key. Another fact is Electronics control systems were not so complicatedin the past times. That’s why people could make electronic control systems using only analog devices and basic logic ICs. The trend has been changed. It’s the era of Digital Circuits as well as Microcontrollers.

Why Choose us?

  1. Our Training will be conducted by professionals.
  2. Developed an Effective training algorithm
  3. Arranged Frequent practical exam
  4. Added Core topics to our course outline
  5. “C” Language based IDE,
  6. We have high end lab equipment
  7. Friendly environment
  8. We also arranged a Free Demo Class
  9. PIC Micontroller
  10. AVR Microcontroller

Course Outline

We included the core topics in our course outline. The total amount of classes will be 17. Thursday-Friday-Saturday.

  1. Electronics Fundamentals
  2. Programming Language “C” overview
  3. Written Exam
  4. Controlling Digital Inputs and Outputs
  5. Practical Exam
  6. Interfacing LCD
  7. Interfacing Analog Signals
  8. Practical Exam
  9. Timers as well as it’s application
  10. Practical Exam
  11. Counters and it’s application
  12. Practical Exam
  13. Counters and it’s application
  14. PWM Signals
  15. Practical Exam
  16. UART and Bluetooth module interfacing
  17. Practical Exam      

Note: The regular Course Fee is BDT 8,000/=. If you like our Facebook page and sign up to our website, you will get 13% Discount.