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PLC Training in Bangladesh Dhaka 


Importance of PLC Training in Bangladesh :

Programmable Logic Controller or PLC Training course is the best job oriented training course for Electrical & Electronics engineers in Bangladesh. Therefore every Electrical & Electronics Engineer should enroll to this course. Micro Automation BD provides the best PLC training in Bangladesh . PLC (Programmable Logic controller) is similar to a computer. As well as it is specially designed to automate industrial Electro-mechanical processes. Top most popular brands of Programmable Logic controller [PLC] are Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi & Schneider Electric. Above all Programmable Logic controller / PLC is a very important element of our modern industrial machineries. Even more PLC Programming is much easier and user friendly compared to old relay based control systems.

Other Reasons Behind Taking PLC Training?

-To automate a complex Electrical or Electro-mechanical Process.
-For monitoring all the process process data from a single place.
-To minimize installation as well as commissioning time.
-For minimizing break down time.
-Easy problem finding and troubleshooting.
-Furthermore PLC Programming is easy. And many more….

Why Should Take PLC Training Here?

We researched about typical PLC Programming or PLC Training methods. As a result we have found that there is very few amount of institute provides quality PLC Course in Bangladesh. In addition some institute arrange their course outline with appealing topics which is attracted by ordinary people. Actually that is one kind of marketing policy. As a result students miss the core topics. Another fact is some people always think of learning all brands of PLC Programming at the same time while that is also not a Wise Decision. So considering these situation we are trying to provide the best quality PLC course in Dhaka Bangladesh. Hence we arranged separate session on Mitsubishi and Siemens PLC training in Bangladesh. We included the core topics in our course outline. The amount of classes are will be 20, two hours each, Thursday-Friday-Saturday. Above all we provide the best plc course in dhaka.

Key Benefits

  • Firstly Hands on Training
  • Highly experienced instructors
  • Plenty Equipment
  • Core topics are included
  • Friendly Environment

PLC Training Course outline:

  1. Automation Fundamentals
  2. Fundamentals of Analog Signals, Digital Signals and Types of Sensors
  3. Numbering systems as well as Memory architecture and addressing
  4. Oral Exam
  5. Software Overview, Wiring & Circuit diagrams
  6. Logic Instructions, Data shifting, Data movement as well as Data conversion
  7. Practical Exam
  8. Data comparison, Arithmetic Instructions
  9. Practical Exam
  10. Analog I/O
  11. Practical Exam
  12. Timers
  13. Practical Exam
  14. Counters
  15. Practical Exam
  16. VFD parameters setting principle
  17. HMI (touch screen) programming
  18. Practical Exam
  19. Finally troubleshooting and Maintenance

Some Tips on PLC Troubleshooting

Note: If you are not confident enough then don’t try. We are not responsible for any damage. Also if you need any Suggestion contact with us.

If a PLC show a error status try the below steps:

  1. Clear PLC Memory if you have backup program
  2. Check the Li-ion battery, if your plc have one
  3. Also check the internal power supply Section on the PLC

If any Input / Output doesn’t work:

  1. Go to online mode, then force the I/O to on/Off
  2. If step one doesn’t work, then it’s a hardware issue

If PLC have no indicator light on

  1.  Check the AC/DC Power supply
  2. If input power supply is ok, Suspect internal Power section of PLC

If PLC have communication problem with HMI

  1. Firstly check the continuity of the communication Cable
  2. Check both the PLC & HMI Com port is OK