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EM 221 6ES7 221 1BF22 0XA0 SIEMENS

Brand: Siemens
Model: Siemens EM 221 || 6ES7 221 1BF22 0XA0

  • For Use With SIMATIC S7-200
  • Module Type Input
  • Input Type Digital
  • Number of Inputs 8
  • 24VDC 15-30V
  • sinking-sourcing
  • Length 80mm
  • Width 46mm
  • Depth 62mm

Condition: New
Origin: Germany
Warranty: Three Months.



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EM 221 6ES7 221 1BF22 0XA0 SIEMENS DI 8 x 24VDC 15-30V

EM 221 6ES7 221 1BF22 0XA0 SIEMENS :

The EM 221 6ES7 221 1BF22 0XA0 brings to the user a powerful solution to a host of control applications, which is easy to adapt and expand the system. The S7 is a family of PLCs which allows the user to tailor their selection of components which best suits their requirements, and is the long term successor to the highly successful S5 range. Whatever the S5 can do, the S7 can do more quickly and more easily.

New CPU hardware support provides the option to turn off run mode edit to obtain more program memory
CPU 224XP supports onboard analogue I/O and two communication ports
CPU 226 includes additional input filters and pulse catch facility
0.22μs processing time per instruction

Modular Expansion up to 256 total I/O (except S7-221)
Powerful Instruction Set, and Real Time performance
Programming via RS-485 comms port
All models have EEPROM memories for user program storage
2 or 4 x 30kHz pulse train outputs (dc powered models only

Specifications :

Input current
●from backplane bus 5 V DC, max. 30 mA

Power loss
●Power loss, typ. 2 W

Digital inputs
●Number of digital inputs 8
●m/p-reading Yes

Input voltage

  • Type of input voltage DC
  • for signal “0” 0 to 5 V
  • for signal “1” +15 to +30V

Input current
● for signal “1”, typ. 4 mA

Input delay (for rated value of input voltage)
●for standard inputs
— at “0” to “1”, max. 4.5 ms

Cable length
● shielded, max. 500 m
● unshielded, max. 300 m

Connectable encoders
● 2-wire sensor Yes
— permissible quiescent current (2-wire
sensor), max.
1 mA

Potential separation

● Potential separation digital inputs Yes; Optocoupler
● between the channels, in groups of 4

Connection method
●Plug-in I/O terminals Yes

●Width 46 mm
●Height 80 mm
●Depth 62 mm

●Weight, approx. 150 g

EM 221 6ES7 221 1BF22 0XA0 MANUAL
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