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Endress Hauser RMC621 B22AAA1BB1 Flow and Energy Manager

Brand: Endress + Hauser
Model: RMC621

  • Type: Energy manager
  • Function: Gas, liquids, steam and water bilancing for industrial energy management
  • Output: 3 to 9x transmitter power supply
  • Display: LC-Dot-Matrix 160 x 80 Punkte

Origin: Germany
Condition: Used/Refurbished
Warranty: Three Months
Endress Hauser RMC621 Manual
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Endress Hauser RMC621

The Endress Hauser RMC621 calculates standard volume as well as mass and energy flows of natural and technical gases, fluids and steam from flow, pressure, temperature and density. Depending on the medium calculation of the energy values occurs according to international standards (IAPWSIF97, SGERG88), real gas equations (SRK) or specific tables. For differential pressure measurements coefficients for flow compensation are calculated over the complete operating range of the flow sensor.ENDRESS HAUSER Universal flow and energy computer for gases, liquids and steam.


  • Energy management
  • Chemical industry
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Plant and panel manufacture
  • Oil + petrochemicals


  • Suitable for applications with gas, liquid, steam and water
  • Intrinsically safe input (optional) with loop power supply
  • Simultaneous calculation of up to 3 measuring applications, even if different fluids are used
  • Very precise process calculations (density, enthalpy, compressibility) on the basis of equations and/or storable tables with material data
  • We can use with all common flow measuring systems (vortex, turbine, MID, orifice plate, differential pressure, etc.)
  • Compensation input for density signal
  • Logbook function for error messages and parameter changes with date and time
  • Configuration and operation using a PC software ReadWin® 2000
  • Modular expansion of inputs and outputs
  • Large back-lit LC display with colour change in the event of an error

Endress Hauser RMC621 Manual
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