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The human-machine interface (HMI) (also called human-computer interface (HCI) or Human-to-Machine (H2M))is the place where the human and the machine meet. It includes how people communicate instructions to computing systems, what computing systems provide in response, and how hardware, software, systems, and devices can be designed to do more to expand human capabilities. We supply Siemens, Weintek, Weinview, Samkoon, Cimon HMI etc.

It includes software and hardware that allows human operators to monitor the state of a process under control, modify control settings to change the control objective, and manually override automatic control operations in the event of an emergency. Also allows a user to configure or control algorithms and parameters in the system. Also displays status information, historical information, reports, and other information to operators, administrators, managers, business partners, and other authorized users. The location, platform, and interface may vary a great deal.

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