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Industrial RJ45 Connector

Industrial RJ45 Ethernet Connector For CAT7

Details: Industrial Ethernet RJ45 connectors offer a ruggedized design for use in Industrial Ethernet applications and are equipped with a robust and fast termination technology.Data transmission upto 10Gbit/s.

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Industrial RJ45 Connector Manual
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Industrial RJ45 Ethernet Connector for Reliable Communication

Industrial RJ45 Connector overview: Ethernet is coming up to standard interface. Therefore, automation devices, such as controllers, sensors and actuators feature possess on one or several RJ45 interfaces. We offer the matching sockets and the ideal connectors for quick and safe connection of the 2- or 4-pair Ethernet cable to the appliance. Users can rely either on ready-to-use patch cables in various lengths, or obtain RJ45 connectors for easy on-site dressing of the cables without using special tools. The RJ Industrial® connector family also supports Ethernet automation profiles such as PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, POWERLINK and EtherCAT for the integration of RJ45 connection technology at field levels.

The RJ45 connector most commonly used interface in data communications. They extremely versatile and have the ability to withstand the dangers of the elements in even the harshest environments.

A number of industrial RJ45 connectors and accessories are available, including cables, wiring, ports, splitters, couplers and other components.A standard patch cable and jack should usually suffice for the majority of applications, without the need for any real ingress protection. This is because the environments such products are used in are usually stable.

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