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Laptop Repair Shop Near Me / Laptop repair Bangladesh

Laptop Repair Shop Near Me / Laptop repair Bangladesh :

Micro Automation BD, our goal is to make resolving your computer mishap the most pleasant and stress free experience possible. We provide expert hardware and software repair services for most computer systems as well as laptop brands to include: Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung,LG, Sony.
We have been providing quality Computer Repair service science 2014. Our engineers and technicians will provide the best laptop and computer repair services. Furthermore we have highly skilled engineers and technicians.
Not only We offers expert level of laptop/macbook repair services but also we offer it for the oldest and latest models of all brands . We also give you fast repair service with quality.

Laptop Repair :

We’ve come a long way since the ENIAC — that infamous, 30-ton beast of a calculator, developed in the 1940s, that paved the way for the modern computer age. One really notable thing about machines like the ENIAC was that they broke down regularly. Fortunately, modern computers built from built-in circuits are much more reliable, but not always easier to fix. Because they are miniaturized, laptops are a particular nuisance: all parts are compact and jammed into a very tight space.

But don’t worry, because it’s surprisingly easy to fix ( laptop repair ) all of the most common things that go wrong with laptops. If your faulty laptop/computer appears to be heading for the scrap heap anyway, why not check if it’s can be fixed before buying a new computer?

These following problems are some common symptoms of Laptop Failure :

  • Laptop is not boot up or start
  • Randomly turns off
  • Laptop Overheating
  • Your laptop battery will not charge
  • Faulty DC Jack Power Connector
  • Intermittent Battery charging
  • Screen Dims as well as brightens often
  • When power supply moved laptop turns off
  • Also the charging light may not illuminate.
  • A burning smell coming from the DC Jack
  • Finally No Power

When you are in trouble with your laptop, Micro Automation BD can really help. Call Us on 01670070357 For A Pre-Repair Phone Consultation To Confirm The Repairability of Your Computer Problem.

Our services includes:

  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • Fan Replacement (Models Supported Vary)
  • Power Jack Repair (Models Supported Vary)
  • Keyboard Replacement (Models Supported Vary)
  • Battery Replacement
  • Windows as well as Mac Operating System Recovery
  • SSD Upgrade & Hard Drive Replacement
  • Motherboard Upgrade & Replacement
  • Power Supply Upgrade & Replacement/Repair
  • Memory/RAM Upgrade & Replacement
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Data Transfer & Recovery
  • As well as every other hardware and software problem.

In addition our highly skilled and experienced engineers troubleshoot and repair every problems of your laptop/pc.

  • All major brands are serviced
  • LCD replacement available
  • Rush repair available
  • 5+ years of quality repair experience
  • Best repair prices along with fast turnaround
  • We don’t just repair, we refurbish
  • And obviously friendly customer service

Contact: 01670070357

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