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LENZE EZAEBK1001 keypad x400 L Force

Model: EZAEBK1001
LENZE keypad x400 L-Force Operator Panel for Inverter 8400
Stateline & 9400 Series. Backlight Graphic Display with BACKLIGHT. Has 4
Condition: New
Origin: Germany
Warranty: Three Months.

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LENZE EZAEBK1001 keypad x400 L Force is used for Diagnosis and parameterization of Drives. Supports Servo Drives
9400 & Inverter Drives 8400.

The operator interface provides a means for an operator to start and stop the motor and adjust the operating speed. Additional operator control functions might include reversing, and switching between manual speed adjustment and automatic control from an external process control signal. The operator interface often includes an alphanumeric display or indication lights and meters to provide information about the operation of the drive. An operator interface keypad and display unit is often provided on the front of the VFD controller as shown in the photograph above. The keypad display can often be cable-connected and mounted a short distance from the VFD controller. Most are also provided with input and output (I/O) terminals for connecting push buttons, switches, and other operator interface devices or control signals. A serial communications port is also often available to allow the VFD to be configured, adjusted, monitored, and controlled using a computer.

Depending on the model a VFD’s operating parameters can be programmed via: dedicated programming software, internal keypad, external keypad, or SD card. VFDs will often block out most programming changes while running. Typical parameters that need to be set include: motor nameplate information, speed reference source, and braking control. It is also common for VFDs to provide debugging information such as fault codes and the states of the input signals.

In the main menu, you’ll find the self-explanatory “Keypad” menu.
In the “Keypad” menu, you’ll find parameters by means of which you can
adapt the keypad
to your needs:
# Settings for the LCD display:
– Duration and brightness of the background lighting
– Contrast
# Starting values:
– Display after the initialisation
– Display of error messages
– Representation of integers
# Function of the STOP key
In the “Keypad” menu, you can also call up status information on the
– Manufacturing data
# Hardware version and software version
# Serial number

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