Lenze Inverter EVF8215 E

Brand: Lenze

Model: EVF8215 e || 8200 Series

Specifications : 

  • Input: 3/PEAC 0-400V 18.8A 50/60HZ
  • Output:3/PEAC 0-400V 9.4A 4.0Kw 0-480HZ
  • Analogue and digital inputs
  • Analogue and digital outputs
  • Relay outputs
  • 4 freely parameterisable parameter sets
  • Fieldbus communications including RS232/485 serial interfaces
  • Bus connection for most common fieldbus systems including CAN, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen, AS-Interface
  • Operating modes including V/f linear, V/f quadratic, vector control, torque selection
  • Short circuit proof and earth fault proof during operation
  • Adjustable current limitation
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • PID controller
  • DC braking
  • Keypad with plain text display and menu structure, copy function for transferring inverter settings

Condition: Used

Origin: Germany

Warranty: One year warranty.

৳ 36,000.00

Lenze EVF8215 E 4 kW, 9.4 A, 380…480V AC drive Inverter

Lenze Inverter EVF8215 E :

The Lenze EVF8215-E is part of the Lenze 8200 range of variable speed drives. As a 4 kW, 9.4 A, 380…480V AC drive, the EVF8215-E is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Find support for the EVF8215-E from the 8200 drive series at Northern Industrial.

Lenze Inverter EVF8215 E BENEFITS:

The Lenze 8200 series has numerous advantages for its users. From its compact appearance to ease of use, the variable frequency drive has been designed with the user in mind. More benefits of the variable frequency drive include:

  • Flexibility – Optimise the inverter to your application due to the modular structure of the Lenze 8200 series. These inverters can be used as stand alone drives or networked in a bus system.
  • Adaptability – Adapt your EVF8215-E VSD to loads with torque requirements rising in a constant or quadratic manner. The variable speed drive can also be easily restarted when the shaft is still running thanks to the integrated flying restart circuit.
  • Simplicity – High functionality whilst still retaining simple operability is one of the key characteristics of the EVF8215-E variable speed drive. Parameterisation software makes setting of parameters quick and easy whilst the Global Drive Control provides a clear menu structure and user-guided commissioning.
  • Energy Saving – The 8200 series of drives are only driven to suit the current demand for torque/power, saving you energy.


Alternative Partnumber N/A Product Status Current
UPC N/A Range 8200 series
Category N/A Communications Options N/A
No Digital Inputs N/A No Digital Outputs (dedicated) N/A
No Analog Outputs N/A PTC/KTY Input N/A
Pulse Input N/A NEMA N/A
Loop N/A IP Rating IP20
Keypad N/A Height (mm) N/A
Depth (mm) N/A Power KW (Fan & Pump) 5.5
Normal Duty Amp 13 Power KW (Constant Torque) 4
Amp Rating (Constant Torque) 9.4 Input Phase Three Phase
Application N/A Conformal Coating N/A
Bidirectional IO N/A


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