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Brand: LS
Model: XGF RD8A

  • 8-Channel RTD Temperature
  • DC 24V Input 32 points
  • Current Sink/Source Type
  • Current: 50 mA

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Origin: Korea
Warranty: Three months
XGF RD8A Manual
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LS XGF RD8A Input Module

LS XGF RD8A overview: XGT series, innovative solutions for system integration from field to information level.Open Network System Integration.It will meet your needs and expectations, enabling the highest possible productivity and performance levels and more.This is the next-generation solution with a new concept providing advanced engineering environment based on open network, fastest processing speed, compact size and user-friendly software.This Series support various communication solutions ranging from field control to information level with Fast Ethernet, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus, etc.


  • Reduction of installation, commissioning and maintenance costs by the reinforced self-diagnosticfunction.
  • Extending the total length of extension base to 15 meters
  • The data transmission speed between and among modules via base improved at the level of nano speed.
  • Operation confirmation by LED display.
  • Easy maintenance by terminal block method, module one-touch mounting method.
  • Realizing the innovatively compact size as maintaining the performance, it requires a smaller space.
  • The exclusively adopted microprocessor secures high speed operations. (based on XGI-CPUU).
  • The filter values of I/O module are adjustable
  • Output holding in an emergency
  • Endurable varistor built-in relay output module
  • Provision of system RUN contact on the power module


  • 8-Channel RTD Temperature
  • DC 24V Input 32 points
  • Current Sink/Source Type
  • Rated input current: 50 mA
  • Rated input voltage: 24V

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