Mini MCR SL UI 2I Isolating Amplifier

Model:Mini MCR SL UI 2I
Phoenix Contact
Used for electrical isolation, conversion, amplification and filtering of standard signals. 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, 2…10 V, 0…5 V or 1…5V.
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Phoenix Contact Signal Duplicator / Electrical Isolator

The Mini MCR SL UI 2I is 6.2 mm wide configurable 4-way isolating amplifier. It’s used for electrical isolation, conversion, amplification and filtering of standard signals. On the input side, the analog standard signals 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA, 0…10 V or 1…5V can be selected, on the output side there are two current outputs that can be set independently of one another with a 0…20 mA-, or 4…20mA signal, electrically isolated (4-way isolation).

All in one signal duplicator Mini MCR SL UI 2I:

The DIP switches, which can be accessed on the side of the housing, can be used to configure the input and output signal ranges. Power (19.2 V DC to 30 V DC) can be supplied through connection terminal blocks on the modules or in conjunction with the DIN rail connector.

What is Isolating Amplifier?

Isolation amplifiers are a form of differential amplifier that allow measurement of small signals in the presence of a high common mode voltage by providing electrical isolation and an electrical safety barrier. They protect data acquisition components from common mode voltages, which are potential differences between instrument ground and signal ground. Instruments that are applied in the presence of a common mode voltage without an isolation barrier allow ground currents to circulate, leading in the best case to a noisy representation of the signal under investigation. In the worst case, assuming that the magnitude of common mode voltage or current is sufficient, instrument
destruction is likely. Isolation amplifiers are used in medical instruments to ensure isolation of a patient from power supply leakage current.

Amplifiers with an isolation barrier allow the front-end of the amplifier to float with respect to common mode voltage to the limit of the barrier’s breakdown voltage, which is often 1,000 volts or more. This action protects the amplifier and the instrument connected to it, while still allowing a reasonably accurate measurement.

These amplifiers are also used for amplifying low-level signals in multi-channel applications. They can also eliminate measurement errors caused by ground loops. Amplifiers with internal transformers eliminate external isolated power supply. They are usually used as analogue interfaces between systems with separated grounds.

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