Mitsubishi Plc Cable USB SC09 FX

Model: USB SC09 FX
Brand: Amsamotion
Origin: China
Interface: USB-8pins Male plug
Cable Length: 2.4M
Baud Rate: Support 300bps ~1Mbps

Amsamotion USB SC 09 FX Driver
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৳ 2,200.00

Mitsubishi Plc Cable USB SC09 FX , USB to RS422 Cable

Mitsubishi Plc Cable USB SC09 FX :

Supports Mitsubishi FX series PLC . It’s a good FX USB AW cable alternative. It supports a baud rate of 300kbps to 1mbps. Mitsubishi Plc Cable USB SC09 FX cable supports USB. It is also a low-cost cable, but a cable of good quality. To use the cable, you must first install the driver. The corresponding COM port for the USB-SC09-FX programming cable will be displayed in the Window Device Manager after completing the Driver installation. Not made by Mitsubishi, Support Win2000, WinXP, Vista and Windows 7.

The Mitsubishi Plc Cable  is an adapter that can communicate perfectly with the Mitsubishi FX0 FX2N FX1N FX1S FX0N FX0S PLCs .

This Mitsubishi Plc Cable is 2.40 meters long.

The length is very helpful in cases where the PLC is already mounted in the cabinet.

It has two light indicators, one transmission ( TX ) and one reception ( RX ).

Which will allow you to rule out errors when communicating with the PLC. When communication problems appear many times we do not know which side this is the conflict. With the help of these indicators we will know if it is transmitting or receiving information and therefore deduce who is not sending the information either the receiver or the transmitter.

The Mitsubishi Plc Cable USB SC09 FX has a USB interface, to connect to laptops or modern computers, also has an opto isolation that protects the USB port of our computer from any damage or failure that is on the other side.

The Mitsubishi Plc Cable  does not require an external power supply because the power grabs directly from the USB port, in addition to which it converts the USB protocol to the RS422 protocol, so when connecting it (once its respective driver) generates a COM port, which must be taken into account when wanting to establish communication with our PLC.

How to Install the USB-SC09-FX PLC Cable :

The Mitsubishi Plc Cable can only be used according to USB device drivers. It’s on CD-ROM for sale with the product.
The COM port corresponding to the USB-sc09-fx programming cable will appear in the device manager of Windows after the driver Installation. The other communication parameters are default. The next use is exactly the same as the traditional RS232 programming cable.

Video Tutorial:

GX Developer-FX

Amsamotion USB SC 09 FX Driver
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