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Panasonic FP0 C32T F PLC

Brand:  Panasonic
Model: FP0 C32T
Specification: Controller; PLC; Sup-V 24DC; 4.3mA; 16 Digital input; 16 Transistor Output ; FP0 Series; EEPROM
Condition: Used/Refurbished
Origin: Japan
Warranty: Three months.
Technical Details
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Controller; PLC; Sup-V 24DC; 4.3mA; 16 Digital input; 16 Transistor Output ; FP0 Series; EEPROM

Our customers stand to benefit from the advanced features of the FP0R control units.

  • Ultra high-speed processing enhances productivity
    An ultra high speed of 0.08µs/step for basic instructions for the first 3000 steps and 0.58µs/step thereafter. The FP0R is ideal for positioning and process automation applications, e.g. in labeling machines.
  • Large programming capacity of 16k or 32k steps
  • Generous data register of up to 12k or 32k words
  • Independent comment memory
  • USB2.0 port provides high-speed program transfer
  • The new F-type FP0R provides maintenance-free and complete backup of all data without requiring a battery. Industry’s first!
  • Highly advanced, built-in positioning functions
    – Jog operation
    – Individual settings for acceleration and deceleration for ramp functions
    – Target speed can be changed by an external signal input during jog operation or trapezoidal control
    – Can read encoder signals of up to 50kHz (pulse frequency measurement)
    – 6-channel high-speed counters and 4-axis pulse outputs can be used simultaneously
  • FP0R units provide various kinds of networking communication using a built-in interface or expansion units
    – Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IEC60870)
    – Profibus
    – CC-Link
    – MEWNET-W0
    – C-NET
    – RS232C or RS485 serial communication

FP0R – same ultra compact size as FP0
The FP0R control unit has the same dimensions as the FP0: W25 x H90 x D60mm. You can connect up to 3 FP0 expansion units to the FP0R, yielding up to 128 I/O points at a total width of just 100mm!

FP0R – fully compatible with FP0 units
FP0R control units are the same size and color, and have the same pin assignment and wiring as the FP0 control units. The FP0R can use existing FP0 programs without needing to change them, making replacement as simple as “plug and play”. Of course, the FP0R can use all FP0 expansion units.


PLC type C10 series
(relay output)
C14 series
(relay output)
C16 series
(transistor output)
C32 series
(transistor output)
T32 series
(transistor output)
F32 series
(transistor output)
Number of inputs 6 8 8 16 16 16
Number of outputs 4 relay 6 relay 8 NPN/PNP 16 NPN/PNP 16 NPN/PNP 16 NPN/PNP
Output capacity 2A 2A 0.2A 0.2A 0.2A 0.2A
Digital I/Os (max.) 106 110 112 128 128 128
Processing speed Up to 3000 steps: 0.08µs/step (basic instruction)
After 3000 steps: 0.58µs/step (basic instruction)
Program memory EEPROM (no back-up battery required)
Program capacity 16000 steps 32000 steps
Data register (DT) 12315 words 32765 words
Memory backup (Flash ROM) Backup with F12, P13 instruction for all areas
Auto backup when power is off:
Counter: 16 points
Internal relay: 128 points
Data register: 315 words
Memory backup (RAM) Backup of the entire area by a built-in battery Backup of the entire area by FRAM without needing a battery
Special features
High-speed counter Single-phase: 6 channels (50kHz); 2-phase: 3 channels (15kHz)
Pulse output 4 channels (50kHz), two channels can be controlled individually
PWM output 4 channels (6Hz to 4.8kHz)
RS232C port Up to two serial interfaces
RS485 port The following types support RS485 communication with the COM port: C10MRS, C14MRS, C16MT, C16MP, C32MT, C32MP, T32MT, T32MP, F32MT, F32MP.
3-pin terminal block. Baud rate: 19200, 115200 bits/s. Transmission distance: 1200m. Communication method: half-duplex.
Clock/calendar function available
Other functions Editing in RUN mode, download in RUN mode (including comments);
8-character password setting, and program upload protection
Operating voltage 24V DC (± 10%)
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