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Pilz PNOZ X7 24V AC/DC

Brand: Pilz
Model: PNOZ X7

  • Supply Voltage: 24V ac/dc
  • Number of Channels: 1
  • Safety Contacts: 2
  • Function: Safety Switch/Interlock

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Origin: Germany
Warranty: N/A
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Pilz PNOZ X7 Safety relay

Pilz PNOZ X7 Overview: The range of Safety Relays by PILZ introduces your circuit to a safety related interruption wherein the primary applications are typically in potential hazardous environments where you need that quick power cut off as well as. Particularly useful in automated environments with high foot traffic such as factories, warehouse and the like.


  • Similarly, 2 N/O Safety Contacts
  • Feedback control loop is available, this allows you to monitor external relays/contractors
  • LED status indication as standard with the X7 giving you complete assurance as you monitor things like the supply voltage.
  • Redundancy is built in with self-monitoring available.
  • Above all, the X7 will automatically test its self at each power up giving you complete reliability and assurance every time. After that, your circuit needs to continue its work.
  • DIN rail mounting as well as standard.
  • Above all, automatic and manual reset facilities available with the X7.
  • Similarly the circuit is redundant with built in self-monitoring
  • The safety function of the device remains effective even in the event of a component failure along the line
  • In conclusion, automatic testing on each on-off cycle
  • Applications: Emergency stop buttons, Reset buttons, External relays/contactors as well as.


  • Supply Voltage: 24V AC/DC
  • Number of Channels: 1
  • Safety Contacts: 2
  • Above all, Range: PNOZ X
  • In addition terminal Type: Screw
  • Function: Safety Switch/Interlock

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