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PLC controller Schneider Electric SR2B121BD

Brand: Schneider Electric
Model: SR2B121BD

  • Schneider Electric Zelio Logic  Module
  • 24 V dc
  •  8 x Input
  • 4 x Outpu
  • Display

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Origin:  France
Warranty: Three months.

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SR2B121BD Schneider Electric 

Schneider Electric SR2B121BD

Product Description:
SR2B121BD :
Zelio Logic smart relays are designed for use in small automated systems. They are used in both industrial and commercial applications. For industry: automation of small finishing, production, assembly or packaging machines, decentralised automation of ancillary equipment of large and medium-sized machines in the textile, plastics and materials processing sectors, automated systems for agricultural machinery. For the commercial⁄building sectors: automation of barriers, roller shutters, access control, automation of lighting installations, automation of compressors and air conditioning systems. Their compact size and ease of setting-up make them a competitive alternative to solutions based on cabled logic or specific cards. Simple programming, ensured by the universal nature of LADDER and function block diagram FBD languages, meets all automation requirements and also the needs of the electrician. Compact smart relays are suitable for simple automated systems, up to 20 I⁄O.

The SR2B121BD is a Zelio Logic Compact Smart Relay with display. It has a backup memory which allows programs to be copied into another smart relay (examples for building identical equipment, remote transmission of updates). The memory also allows a backup copy of the program to be saved prior to exchanging the product. When used with a smart relay without display or buttons, the copy of the program contained in the cartridge is automatically transferred into the smart relay at powerup. The Autonomous operating time of the clock, ensured by a lithium battery, is 10 years. Data backup (preset values and current values) is provided by an EEPROM Flash memory. A module for communication on the Modbus network will be available for Zelio Logic modular smart relay. It is supplied with 24V via the smart relay. It is designed for monitoring or remote control of machines or installations which operate without personnel.
  • Local display
  • Program memory on each power up checks
  • 3W Without extension power consumption
  • 4 Relay outputs
  • 10000000 cycles of Mechanical durability
  • 0.5N-m Tightening torque
  • IP40 Front panel protection rating
  • IP20 Terminal block protection rating
  • 2 Conforming to EN/IEC 61131-2 pollution degree


Schneider Electric Zelio Logic  Module, SR2B121BD ,24 V dc, 8 x Input, 4 x Output With Display

Specifications :

Type SR2 B121BD
Manufacturer part # 1040024
T 59.5 mm
Height 90 mm
Width 71.2 mm
Display Yes
Extensible No
No. of analogue inputs 4
No. of digital inputs (max.) 8
No. of inputs (max.) 8
No. of outputs (max.) 4
No. of relay outputs (max.) 4
IP rating

Category PLC controller
Operating voltage 24 Vdc
Analogue outputs 0
Analogue inputs 4*
Digital outputs 4 relays
Digital inputs 8
Certification CE, UL, CSA, GL,
Power backup type 10 years
Clock Yes
Fitting type (details) Profile rail 35 mm
Max. permanent current 250 V/AC/8 A
Interference suppression According to European Economic Community 89/336 EN 61131-2 (Zone B) EN 61000-6-2,-3,-4
Operating voltage 24 Vdc
Max. ambient temperature 55 °C
Min. ambient temperature -20 °C

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