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S8T DCBU 02 Omron

Brand: Omron
Model: S8T DCBU 02

  • Input Voltage 24 to 28 VDC
  • Current Charging 0.4 A
  • operation Output voltage For 24
  • Output current 2.5 A

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Waranty: Three Months
S8T DCBU 02 Manual
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S8T DCBU 02 Omron

The power consumption of the S8T DCBU 02 is approximately 10 W, so make sure that the output capacity of the power supply is sufficient. If the S8T-DCBU-02 is connected to a previously installed power supply, the voltage may drop due to the power supply’s overcurrent protection, or backup operations may not be possible.

The READY indicator and READY output will function as shown below after the internal capacitor is completely charged and the
Block is ready to perform the backup operation. Up to 60 seconds is
required for the capacitor to charge completely.

S8T DCBU 02 Features:

Provides a backup time of 500 ms at an output current of 2.5 A.

Can be wired to the 24-V output from the S8VS Supplies.

Connects to an S8TS Power Supply via an S8T-BUS03 Bus Line Connector.

Parallel connections to up to four Blocks can be used to increase the backup time and current capacities.

Complies with SEMI F47-0200 standard.


Ambient operating temperature range of –20 to 60°C.


Input Voltage 24 to 28 VDC
Current Charging 0.4 A
Standby 0.18 A
*1 Backup
operation Output voltage For 24 V: 22.5 V typ., 22.0 V min.
For 28 V: 26.4 V typ., 25.8 V min.
Output current 2.5 A
Backup time
*2 Time required until the voltage drops from the fully charged level down
to 21.6 VDC

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