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Siemens 6ES7 331 7HF01 0AB0 Analog Input Module

Brand: Siemens
Model: 6ES7 331 7HF01 0AB0

  • Simatic S7-300
  • Analog Input SM 331
  • Optically Isolated
  •  AO, U/I
  • Resolution 14 Bits, 20 PIN

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Warranty: Three Months
Origin: Germany
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Siemens 6ES7 331 7HF01 0AB0 Analog Input Module

SIMATIC S7 300 6ES7 331 7HF01 0AB0, Analog input SM 331, isolated, 8 AI, resolution 14 bit, 0.052 ms/channel current, Voltage alarm, diagnostics, 1x 20-pole, suitable for isochronous mode Improved bus cycle time for isochronous mode.

Maximize performance and productivity in your manufacturing processes with Siemens 6ES7 331 7HF01 0AB0. The family line of connectors that the product belongs to, or can be connected to, is S7/300. This user-friendly Siemens Analog Output Module device offers good flexibility in process creation and implementation delivering good performance at any time.

The communications port allows you to connect the CPU to a programming device or to other devices. Status lights provide visual information about the CPU mode (RUN or STOP), the current state of the local I/O, and whether a system fault has been detected. Some CPUs provide a real-time clock as a built-in feature, while other CPUs require the real-time clock cartridge. A plug-in serial EEPROM cartridge provides a means to store CPU programs and transfer programs from one CPU to another. A plug-in battery cartridge provides extended retention of data memory in RAM


Supply Voltage
Load voltage L+

  • Rated value (DC): 24 V
  • Reverse polarity protection: Yes

Input Current

  • from load voltage L+ (without load), max.: 50 mA
  • from backplane bus 5 V DC, max.: 100 mA

Power loss, type: 1.5 W

Analog inputs

  • Number of analog inputs: 8
  • permissible input voltage for voltage input (destruction limit), max.: 20 V; 20 V DC permanent, 75 V DC for max. 1 s (duty factor 1:20)
  • permissible input current for current input (destruction limit), max.: 40 mA

Potential separation
Potential separation analog inputs

  • between the channels: No
  • between the channels and backplane bus: Yes
  • the channels and the power supply of the electronics: Yes

6ES7 331 7HF01 0AB0 Manual
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