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SIEMENS 6SE6 420 2UC15 5AA1 Micromaster 420 Drive

Brand: Siemens
Model: Micromaster 420
MPN: 6SE6 420 2UC15 5AA1

  • 0.55kW Variable Speed Drive without Filter
  • 1/3 phase AC 200 V
  • 3 x DI, 1 x DO, 1 x AO, 1 x Relay

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Warranty: Three Months
Micromaster 420 Manual
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SIEMENS Micromaster 420

Siemens Micromaster 420 is a universal drive for three-phase networks with fieldbus connectivity. The drive has a modular design and various options complement a wide range of standard features. Simply plug in the operator panel and communication module without using any tools. As with the other drives in this series, the terminal connections are made easy thanks to the screwless control terminals.

The MicroMaster 420 is a range of VSDs from the Siemens MicroMaster family. 6SE6 420 2UC15 5AA1 is part of this range and is a 0.55 kW, 3 A drive with a supply of 200…240V AC. The VSD has many characteristics to make it ideal a large spectrum of applications, in particular industrial pumps and fans. Northern Industrial continue to provide spare new and refurbished MicroMaster parts and repairs.


The 6SE6420-2UC15-5AA1 and the entire MicroMaster 430 series has a modular design to enable the user to tailor the variable speed drive exactly to their application. Ease of use and flexibility are the key advantages of the Micro 420 series. Main features include:

  • Simple start up with guides
  • Low-energy mode
  • Modular construction for maximum flexibility
  • Protection for motor and variable frequency drive
  • Six programmable isolated digital inputs
  • Two scalable analogue inputs
  • Two programmable analogue outputs
  • Three programmable relay outputs
  • In-built PID control
  • Low noise motor operation


  • 0.55kW Variable Speed Drive without Filter
  • 1/3 phase AC 200 V
  • 3 x DI, 1 x DO, 1 x AO, 1 x Relay
  • Speed Control Range – 0Hz to 650Hz.
  • Overload – 150% x 60seconds.
  • Braking – DC braking, compound braking.
  • 1 Analogue Input, 3 Digital Inputs, 1 Analogue Output, 1 Relay Output
  • Input Current – 6.2A
  • Input Voltage – 1ph 200-240V ± 10%, 47-63Hz

Micromaster 420 Manual
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