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CPU 315 2 DP 6es7 315 2ag10 0ab0

Simatic s7-300 cpu 315 2dp 6es7 315 2ag10 0ab0

Brand: Siemens
Model: CPU 315 2 DP
Part No: 6es7 315 2ag10 0ab0
SIMATIC S7 300, CPU 315-2DP Central processing unit with MPI Integr. power supply 24 V DC Work memory 256 KB 2nd interface DP master/slave Micro Memory Card required.
Condition: Used/refurbished
Origin: Germany
Warranty: Three months

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CPU 315 2 DP Siemens 6es7 315 2ag10 0ab0

This unit has a medium to large program memory and can support extensive I/O structures. It has two interfaces that can be configured for either Profibus DP or MPI. SIMATIC S7 300, CPU 315 2 DP 6es7 315 2ag10 0ab0 Central processing unit with MPI Integr. power supply 24 V DC Work memory 256 KB 2nd interface DP master/slave Micro Memory Card required.

About CPU 315 2 DP / S7 300 PLC:

The S7-300 series is at the middle to high end of the S7 range of PLCs, it is the most commonly used controller across most industries for general automation. There was a cheaper option in the form of an S7-200 (shoebox PLC) but this line is now discontinued and has been replaced by the far superior S7-1200. The main differences between an S7-300 and an S7-200 are:

Cost the cost is generally higher for modules and equipment for the rack than it is for S7-200 but at the mid to low end of the range it is significantly cheaper than the S7-400
The speed, 0.075ms – 0.018ms /1000 instructions
Built in memory (RAM), 32kB – 2.56MB
Connections (Direct) 6 – 64
Addressing memory 1kB – 8kB
Additional modules to the CPU 8 – 32
It is a modular series but not standard DIN mountable like the S7-200 or 1200 range, there is a special rail to be bought and fitted to your backplane to mount the S7-300 racks. S7-300 takes more space than a shoebox PLC series such as the S7-200 but much less than a rack mounted series such as S7-400. It is available in many different configurations to your choosing with additional modules available for:

Digital I/O in multiple sizes from 8-64
Analogue I/O sizes from 2-8 with hart communication
Industrial Ethernet communications cards
Profibus communications cards
ASI communications cards
RS-232 communications cards
RS-422 communications cards
RS-485 communications cards
The system can be expanded to 4 racks in total with 1 master and 3 expansion racks. Each rack is completely to your choosing up to a maximum of 8 usable modules per rack. The main rack contains 10 with your CPU and expansion module taking up the other 2 slots and each expansion has 9 with the first slot being taken by the receiving expansion module (this is to a maximum of 32). All of this needs to be set up during the Hardware Configuration and must be downloaded to the PLC before downloading any blocks that use any address you may be adding otherwise when called this will put the CPU in stop.

The S7-300 CPUs come in a wide range of performance options with four different sections:

Standard CPUs
Compact CPUs
Fail-safe CPUs
Technology CPUs

6es7 315 2ag10 0ab0 Manual
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