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SIEMENS SM322 Digital Output Module


Model: SM322 || 6ES7322-1HF01-0AA0 || 6ES7322-BH01-0AA0

Specification: Digital output SM 322, isolated, 8 DO (relay), 1x 20-pole, 24 V DC, 2 A or 230 V AC, 2A

Condition: New

Origin: Germany
Warranty: Three months.

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SM322 SIEMENS Digital Output Module



All our SOFTLINK 300 relay outputs convert the internal signal level to the external power level for process control etc. All modules are compatible with Siemens S7-300 and VIPA 300V series, suitable for controlling solenoid valves, contactors, and small-power devices within their permissible level. The output module provides galvanic isolation from the process level, and has LED indicators for supply voltage, error indication, status indication for each channel.

Digital output modules convert the internal signal level of the controller (logical “0” or “1”) to the external signal level required by the process.

Various output voltages support the output of different process signals:

  • 24 V DC, rated current 0.5 A/channel
  • 24 V DC, rated current 2 A/channel
  • 48 to 125 V DC
  • 120/230 V AC

Apart from cost-effective, easy-to-handle digital output modules, modules with special functions are also available for process engineering.


Supply voltage

Load voltage L+
● Rated value (DC)     24 V

Input current

from supply voltage L+, max. 160 mA
from backplane bus 5 V DC, max. 40 mA

Power loss

Power loss, typ. 3.2 W

Digital outputs

Number of digital outputs 8; Relays
Switching capacity of the outputs
● on lamp load, max. 50 W
Output current
● for signal “1” rated value 2 A
● for signal “1” minimum load current 5 mA
Switching frequency

6ES7322-1HF01-0AA0 Subject to change without notice
Page 1/3 01/24/2019 © Copyright Siemens

● with resistive load, max. 2 Hz
● with inductive load, max. 0.5 Hz
● on lamp load, max. 2 Hz
● mechanical, max. 10 Hz
Relay outputs
● Rated supply voltage of relay coil L+ (DC) 24 V; 110 mA
● Number of operating cycles, max. 300 000; 230 V AC: 100 000; 120 V AC: 200 000; 24 V DC: 300
000 (at 2 A)
Switching capacity of contacts
— with inductive load, max. 2 A; 2 A (230 V AC), 2 A (24 V DC)
— with resistive load, max. 2 A
Cable length
● shielded, max. 1 000 m
● unshielded, max. 600 m

Interrupts/diagnostics/status information

Diagnostics function No
● Diagnostic alarm No
Diagnostic messages
● Wire-break No
● Short-circuit No
● Fuse blown No
● missing load voltage No
Diagnostics indication LED
● Rated load voltage PWR (green) No
● Fuse OK FSG (green) No
● Status indicator digital output (green) Yes

Potential separation

Potential separation digital outputs
● between the channels Yes
● between the channels, in groups of 2
● between the channels and backplane bus Yes; Optocoupler

Isolation tested with 1500 V AC

Connection method

required front connector 20-pin


Width 40 mm
Height 125 mm
Depth 120 mm


Weight, approx.
last modified:
190 g
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