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SMC ITV2030 01F2BN3 Electro Pneumatic Regulator

Brand: SMC
Model: ITV2030 01F2BN3

  • Model: ITV2030 01F2BN3
  • Power supply:  Input Dc4-20mA
  • Output: 0.05-5bar
  • Voltage: Dc2 4V Class2

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Origin: Japan
Warranty: Three months.

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Electro Pneumatic Regulator SMC ITV2030 01F2BN3

Working Principle SMC ITV2030:

When the SMC ITV2030 input signal rises, the air supply solenoid valve q turns ON, and the exhaust solenoid valve w turns OFF. Therefore, supply pressure passes through the air supply solenoid valve q and is applied to the pilot chamber e. The pressure in the pilot chamber e increases and operates on the upper surface of the diaphragm r. As a result, the air supply valve t linked to the diaphragm r opens, and a portion of the supply pressure becomes output pressure. This output pressure feeds back to the control circuit i via the pressure sensor u. Here, a correct operation functions until the output pressure is proportional to the input signal, making it possible to always obtain output pressure proportional to the input signal.

Installation of SMC ITV2030:

Direct mounting
When the product is mounted directly onto the panel or device, use screws suitable for the thread holes below.

Bracket mounting
For mounting it onto the panel or device,fix the bracket to the product  with the screws provided. The hole of φ7 becomes empty in the bracket for a fixed screw.

Connector mounting
When mounting the connector with cable to the product, match up the  position of the connector groove (cable side) and key (product side).

Air Supply Cautions:

1. Install an air filter near this product on the supply side. Select a filtration degree of 5 µm or less.

2. Compressed air containing large amounts of drainage can cause malfunction of this product and other pneumatic equipment. As a countermeasure, install an aftercooler, air dryer or Drain Catch, etc.

3. If large amounts of carbon dust are generated by the compressor, it can accumulate inside this product and cause malfunction.

Other Precautions:

■Turn off the power supply, stop the supplied air, exhaust the residual compressed air and verify the release of air before performing maintenance.
■Foreign matter caught in the inlet of piping or exhaust may interfere with normal operation. Periodic cleaning is necessary.
■Do not use solvents such as benzene, thinner etc. to clean the product including the switch cover. Use a soft cloth to remove stains.

SMC ITV2030 Manual
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