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TAIAN N2 Series N2-201-H Inverter

Brand: TAIAN
Model: N2-201-H

  • Type : DC/AC Inverters
  • Output Current: 0.75kw
  • Output Frequency: 220v

Warranty: Three months
Condition: Used/Refurbished

N2-201-H Manual
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TAIAN N2 Series N2-201-H

T-verter N2 series is a high performance general-purpose inverter that incorporates a high efficiency Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) design and advanced IGBT technology. The output closely approximates a sinusoidal current waveform to allow variable speed control of any conventional squirrel cage induction motor.In Conclusion Use wires with copper cores only. Decide the diameter of the wire based on working conditions at 105℃.An inverter used to convert the direct current into alternating current electricity. The output of the inverter can single or three phase. Inverters rated by the total power capacity, which ranges from hundreds of watts to megawatts.

Features :

The installation site of the T-verter is very important.Similarly it relates directly to the functionality and the life span of your T-verter. Please carefully choose the installation site to meet the following requirements:

  • Mount the unit vertically
  • Environment temperature: -10OC ~ +40OC
  • Avoid placing close to any heating equipment
  • Avoid contacting corrosive liquid or gas
  • Prevent foreign dusts, flocks, or metal scraps from entering interior
  • Avoid electric-magnetic interference (soldering or power machinery)
  • However avoid vibration, if vibration cannot be avoided, an anti-rattle mounting device should be
    installed to reduce vibration.
  • If the T-verter is installed in an enclosed control panel, please add additional cooling using an
    external fan. This will allow additional airflow and cooling.
  • Above all placement of external fans should be directly over the top of the T-verter.
  • For proper Installation of the T-verter you must place the front side of the T-verter facing front
    and the top of the T-verter in the up direction for better heat dissipation.


  • Type : DC/AC Inverters
  • Output Current: 0.75kw
  • Output Frequency: 220v


TAIAN N2-201-H Manual
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