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Teco TP03 16EYT

Brand: Teco
Model: TP03 16EYT

  • Output Power: 24VDC/0.2A
  • Expansion module 16 npn transistor

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Origin: N/A
Warranty: Three months
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Teco TP03 16EYT PLC

Teco TP03 16EYT Overview: TP03 is the latest generation of PLC developed by TECO. The high-speed and high-quality programmable logic controller has following features:

  • High speed of executive time. Basic instructions: 0.31us / step (ANDB), 0.45us/step (LD)
  • Large memory capacity: Program memory capacity: 4~8~16k steps. The product has integrated basic and application instructions, such as operation instructions, ADD/SUB/MUL/DIV…etc. trigonometry instructions as SIN /COS /TAN…, matrix input, and other instructions as matrix input, 7-seg output, and PID.
  • Flexible expansion ability. Basic units: 14/20/26/30/36/40/60 point types, max can expand to 256 digital points. 60/10 (12
    bits) analog input /output
  • 3 communication ports, and with 3 functions (please refer to Chapter 3: communication port for detailed information) are available for Basic unit. Using any one of them can establish a network.. PC/PDA port is also for download/upload the program to/from TP03.
  • Built-in RTC, PWM, RUN/STOP switch, two VR (potentiometers), flash memory, and the product is available for expansion modules, A/D, D/A module and etc.
  • Built-in high speed 100K pulse output which can control servo controller.
  • High speed counter: With max speed 100K single phase, the counter has the function of two/single phase high speed and interruption input which enable precisely controlling the pulse input signal from encoder.
  • TP03 is very easy to operate for those who have used Mitsubishi FX series.
  • Easy to maintain and installation, as terminal block is pluggable (only 40/60 points type), Din rail installation.
  • The three programming languages, LD (Ladder Diagram, IL(Instruction List) and SFC.
  • PDA edits software (programming language: instruction list, IL). TP02 expansion modules are available for TP03.
  • The system program can be updated directly by the controller as well as.


  • Output Power: 24VDC/0.2A
  • Expansion module 16 npn transistor

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