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Zellweger Uster Quantum Yarn Clearer 2 IMK C15 F23


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Brand: Quantum
Model: IMK C15 F23

  • Current: 80/160mA
  • Voltage: 115/230VAC
  • Frequency: 47-63Hz

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Warranty: N/A
Uster Quantum yarn Clearer 2 Manual
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Zellweger Uster Quantum Yarn 2

The current generation of Uster Quantum Yarn 2 is a perfect example of USTER®’s policy of building on its past achievements.While constantly developing the technology needed by textile mills today and in the future. Two million USTER® QUANTUM 2 clearers sold to date, making it easily the best-selling yarn clearer ever.

The USTER® QUANTUM 2 the only effective and comprehensive online quality assurance system.With a range of measuring and analysis tools suited to all modern quality needs. Spinning plants all over the world already regard it as an indispensable tool.

The breakthrough in the development of the electronic yarn clearer followed the invention of transistors, which meant that sensors could be made compact enough to fit the limited space on winding machines.

During the 50-year lifetime of the electronic yarn clearer, subsequent major innovations by USTER® have added key functions such as count monitoring, foreign fiber clearing (including polypropylene detection) and vegetable filtering, as well as on-line monitoring of quality parameters such as CV%, imperfections and yarn hairiness.


  • Ergonomic and easy-to-use man-machine interface
  • Smart articles synchronization
  • Remote control of the CCUs from anywhere
  • Simple reporting and smart filtering of essential data
  • Fast and easy optimization of the clearing limits
  • Total Contamination Control reduces contaminants reaching winding, so decreasing the levels of cuts and remaining contamination in yarns
  • Ring Spinning Optimization (RSO), as the link to productivity and quality to reduce quality variations
  • USTER® RSO 3D, offering quality mapping of individual spindles as a first step and the prevention of poor quality at source as a conclusion
  • Prognosis – Prediction of spinning performance using USTER® QUANTUM quality data


  • Current: 80/160mA
  • Voltage: 115/230VAC
  • Frequency: 47-63Hz

Uster Quantum Yarn Clearer 2 Manual
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