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Hochiki S776 Power Supply


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Brand: Hochiki
Model: S776

  • Input Voltage: 230VAC/115VAC
  • Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 24-29V DC
  • Power Rating: 5.25A Max

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Origin: Germany
Warranty: Three months
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Hochiki Control Panel S776 Power Supply

Hochiki S776 Power Supply Overview: Hochiki addressable fire alarm system as well as other addressable fire alarm systems, usually when installing, there will be more or less errors below. These errors cannot be ignored.

The error on the loop:

– Loop Open Circuit : The path and the loop return

Solution: Check the continuity to find the position of open circuit, connect for closed loop

– Loop Short Circuit : The positive and negative lines of the loop touched against each other

Workarounds: Detach test wire to find out where it touched and handled

–   Loop Wiring Trouble / Ground Trouble : The loop that touches the mass cabinet will have more Ground Fault lights

Remedy: Check if the line is broken, In fact, this error may also arise due to some other reason (equipment error, interference).

The Device Error:

–   Disconnected Device : Disconnected from device – device declared on the cabinet but for some reason not received

Fix: First check the address Disconnected on the cabinet and then check the actual address on the device if  true, then check loop test about 28V + – check true.

–   Unexpected Device : The device attached to the loop without declared on the cabinet

Solution: Use a keyboard, programming software to declare the newly installed device (note the correct address and device type)

Error By Device:

–   Open device error : For devices with supervising resistor (DCP-FRCME-M, DCP-CZM, DCP-SOM-A) when disconnected from the cabinet resistance will open error that address

Fixes: reinstall the resistor (note the correct value for each type)

– Power failure power failure : Devices that need power such as (DCP-CZM, DCP-SOM-A) will lose an error when power is lost

Solution: Check the device’s power supply again

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